You walk through the doors and suddenly all eyes are on you. Crap. Do I walk out? How do I look? It’s been 2 mins, when can I go home?!😫

I remember my first few months, I was so scared to look silly. Or to be recognised by someone I know and for them to judge my form. What’s funny is, 4/5 months of me joining the gym I finally plucked up the courage to go into the weights section and walked back out because the men just looked at me weird and I had 0 clue how to use anything😭. THE main cause of gym anxiety is perception. Perception in the sense that a) how our bodies look and b) if we’re using equipment/form is right. In both cases, remind yourself that fitness is a process. We are constantly evolving, growing, being better than we were yesterday. Patience is key.
Here are some really important pointers to banish your anxiety:
1. 🌈 Everyone was a beginner once: Yep. Even big guy Phil over there benching those 100s. Everyone was once in your shoes, completely new to the gym. Everything in life, you get better with experience, until you start to accept that this phase you’re currently is in the growth stage and eventually you will pass it. Be patient with yourself and with the process because better days are coming if you stick w it!
2. 📚Educate yourself: So when I walked out the weights section I was determined to figure out how to use everything! I binged Youtube tutorials we are SO blessed to be living in an age where information is so freely available. The next time you’re scared to try out a machine, note it down and give it a Google. Or you can ask one of the PTs at your gym (given theyre not scary too👹).
3. 👀The stares : You feel everyones staring at you right? What if... you’re the one that’s staring👀👀 Haha... honestly though, 99% of the time you’re paranoid people are staring but they’re really not. Not intentionally.
4. ✨THIS IS YOU TIME: Stop caring about what people think. Think of it this way.. this 1 hour at the gym out of your whole day is dedicated solely just to you. Put your headphones in, your @imaan.active gear on, its time to shine baby!

I hope this helps, we got disss💪🏽