Goal-setting for 2020⚡️

It's plastered all over social media:
"In 2020, i'm going to drop X"
"My new year's resolution is to go Y"
"I'm going to do Z in 2020, what about you?"
It can be really daunting to see this and get stressed over what you want for yourself over the next year.
Truth is, I've never really been a new year goal-maker. In the past, I've scribbled a few superficial goals and it's got lost at the back of my drawer somewhere😂  
I go by the theory that we shouldn't wait for a new/year/week/ to implement the change we want in our lives. Instead, don't "think" about doing it, don't "talk" about doing it. We are never guaranteed another minute yet alone a year, so just get on with it!
I personally make small, targeted, time-bound and manageable goals that I regularly adhere and check myself towards.
Here are a few examples of my own and how not to do them:
❌Goal: In 2020 I want to make my upper body stronger.
❌Action: Implement more upper body movements into my routine.
✔️Goal: By the end of January 2020, I want to perform 1 pull up.
*A pull up is a sound indicator of how strong your upper body is. By specifically highlighting the actual exercise you are being precise and to-the-point.
✔️Action: At the end of every session, practice pull ups using a resistance band, adding 5 pull ups on a weekly basis.
❌Goal: Making healthy choices. Adding more vitamins and nutrients in my diet. Eating food from all food groups.
❌Action: Have fruit/veg at every meal.
✔️Goal: Operating my body at a caloric deficit for 1 month. Hitting my Carbs and Fats target but surplussing my protein target +10g (until February 2020).
*If I did not know how much my caloric deficit was, my first step that I would highlight is to find out. I used this one. There are plenty out there so cross-reference them with each other.
✔️Action: Track my calories using myfitnesspal. Continuing my meal prep programme but adding the additional step to accurately weigh all foods in the process.
Another aspect to fitness/well-being goals that I want to point out is mindset. Something that I aim to be more mindful of is to not compare myself to others fitspos I follow on Instagram. I personally fall victim of this and get really discouraged! I need to actively remind myself is every person, journey and body are different. You cannot simply compare the level of your success to others.
 The last point above all is before entering the new year is to truly reflect on how much you have accomplished. No matter how big or small, there were times you thought about giving up but you persisted and now you're striving for even better! You are your own motivation. 💪
May you all be blessed with happiness, health and strength (physically + mentally) for the upcoming year!