A Mother, Doctor and Health Enthusiast

A Mother, Doctor and Health Enthusiast

As a muslim, a mother and a doctor, healthy living is at the core of everything I value and believe in. 

I have been fit and active for as long as I can remember. My love for this was instilled by my parents who enrolled us in as many afterschool programmes as they could  and kept us busy. I grew up playing badminton, basketball, I swam, I ran and I rode my bike around like a lunatic until my mum would stand at the front and yell my name for me to come in. I am grateful to my parents for graining the importance of being active into me. 

As a doctor, I work really long hours. I am on my feet sometimes 12-13 hours non stop, up and down stairs and running around many corridors. My work is tiring, taxing and mentally strenuous. I often come home from work and need a release and for me that release its exercise. Nothing beats coming home from work, exercising for 20-30 mins and sweating my stress away. I crave that endorphin release and its a sweet sweet satisfaction once I'm done and slump on the couch. 

As a mother I am even more conscious of healthy living. I have two boys and I hope to instil into them the importance of exercise and healthy living. I don;t emphasise healthy eating because I don;t believe foods are unhealthy. I think our relationship with them might be but actually ‘everything in moderation’ is something I live by. So yes its okay to have chips or a doughnut, or a biscuit or whatever is your poison, as long as its all in moderation . We should focus on our relationship with food and having a healthy lifestyle rather than fixating on weight, weight loss and 'eating healthy',

Its not secret so incorporating health into my lifestyle is a challenge. I work full-time and when I’m not a doctor I am a wife, a mother, a sister a daughter, a friend and so much more. All of these hats come with responsibility and time commitments. This means that I have to be Super organised. People often ask me how I work, socialise, exercise, cook for the house and have me time? There's no magic answer, I work INCREDIBLY hard at it all. I meal plan, I factor in exercise, I choose running over TB when I need to, I negotiate with my husband so that we all get some 'alone' time and I push myself. Having a positive 'can do' attitude helps too. Nobody starts off running marathons, we all start small and I think people forget that!

I think its important to be kind to yourself and devote some time to your health, your mind, your body and your Ruh will thank you. After all, our bodies have been entrusted to us and it is our duty to nourish them physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Kiran aka The Munching Medic

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